Decoraids ceiling tiles are made of PVC to imitate real metal ceilings.  This makes them Faux tin ceiling tiles.  These three dimensional ceiling tiles are excellent for commercial and residential use and for glue-up as well as drop-in ceiling applications.  Our tiles can be cut with scissors and glued-up  with Akfix 310 Instant Grab to most ceiling surfaces including popcorn, cement, plywood, limestone, plaster, drywall ceilings.  For step by step installation instructions watch the video below by Ron Hazelton.

Material : PVC (plastic)
Size : 24" x 24"
Weight : 9 oz
Depth : 1/4" - 2 3/4"
Colors Available : 10+
Designs Available : 20+
Application : Glue-up and/or Drop-in
Projects : Commercial and Residential
Works on most ceilings   |   Commercial and Residential use   |   Easy DIY installation   |   Light weight   |   Cuts with scissors   |   Class "A" fire rated